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The Brown - Brickwood Family

Juda and Thomas Brown were tenants of Park Farm between about 1800 and 1853. Juda was a Tempest. She was born in 1780, the eldest child of John Tempest, a yeoman farmer, and his wife Elizabeth. They lived at Windley, north of Duffield. Juda’s father died when she was twelve and she had an illegitimate child when she was 16, a son, Thomas Tempest. He was brought up by her mother and with her siblings. A year later she married Thomas Brown and the couple were packed off to Little Eaton where Juda’s great uncle Michael put them into Park Farm.  

Mrs. Dorothy Webster Trowell, a relation of Juda's mother, lived at Outwoods and owned land in the area. They had eleven children, Elizabeth, Hannah, Henry, Alice, Juda, Ann, John, William, Maria, Joseph and another Ann. There were two girls called Ann because the first one died when she was 8 and the Browns gave their next baby girl the same name. The middle four of these were baptised in Kirk Ireton – we don’t know whether this was because they lived there for a while or because they had relatives there who were good at delivering babies. The Browns gave their address as “Magpie Hill” - an address also used by later occupants of what is now Park Farm.

In 1841, the family is recorded as being at Thorn Hill farm, north of Markeaton.  Mrs Trowell had moved from the Outwoods to a big house and farm here, taking with her several of the Brown children.  The Brown’s son John managed the farm, another son William was the butler and a daughter Alice was the housekeeper. We do not know whether Juda and Thomas lived at Thorn Hill or were visiting when the census was taken. We know they were at Park Farm in the 1830s and 1840s. Their daughter Ann and Ann’s husband John Brickwood, a telegraph engineer, were also at Park Farm by 1850. There was also a farm worker called John Wheeldon living in the house.

Thomas Brown died in 1849 and Juda died in 1853. The farm was taken over by Ann and John Brickwood. The Brickwoods had three sons and four daughters while living in the house. In about 1864 they went back to Thorn Hill Farm in Markeaton where they had another daughter. Ann died there aged 62, and John died aged 76. Their son Thomas took over Thorn Hill farm.