Little Eaton Local History Society

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Little Eaton Local History Society was formed in 2016 when the founder members became aware that the vast collection of historical records and artefacts stored in John Easter’s spare room had an uncertain future and was in danger of being lost.

With the help of the National Lottery Heritage Fund, and therefore everyone who bought a lottery ticket, the committee set out to make this collection available for all to view, and to preserve it for future generations.

This involved a considerable amount of time being spent sorting through thousands of photographs, documents, postcards, maps and newspaper clippings, cataloguing them into some sort of order and for this we have to thank Rosemary Gregory for leading on this task.

Everything then had to be scanned to create a digital copy which could be stored electronically for future reference.

It has taken much time and hard work but finally we have succeeded in our task and can now make the collection available for all to view.

We hope you will find things of interest about Little Eaton’s past, but also be comforted, like we are, that this collection is now safe forever.

The Sheila Tomlins & John Easter Collection The Peter Brady & John Easter Collection The John Easter Collection The John Hill Collection The Roy Slack Collection The Peter Brady Photgraph Collection The Parish Council Collection

Contributors who include-

John Easter, Glenda Harrison, The late Peter Brady, The late John Hill, The late Roy Slack, The late Sheila Tomlins.


Committee Members

Sue Carter, John Easter, Henry Fletcher. Alex Galloway, Rosemary Gregory, Glenda Harrison, Bill Hutchison,

Gwent Paylor, Peter Tulloch, The late Allan Carter.

Thank you to-  The Nationa Lottery Heritage Fund & everyone who purchased a lottery ticket.

Those who  attended our monthly meetings & bought a raffle ticket.

The Story Behind "History Preserved for Future Generations”