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A message from Angela Paul -


Hello, My mother, her parents and grandparents grew up in Little Eaton and owned the grocers shop in the village under the name of Pratt. I would be very grateful for any information. Many thanks.. Angela


Does anyone remember the Pratt family?

Can You Help?

* Reply * From Heidi Hulbert (nee Pratt)

Angela was asking a question about the Pratt family that ran the Grocers shop...My Brother and Sister Michael & Alison and I were Harold Pratt's Children his Parents were Bernard (b.1892)and Pamela Pratt and Bernards Parents were Arthur (b1857)and Sarah Pratt and they all ran a grocery shop in Little Eaton all the family used to help out I think they gave up sometime in the 1930s but I am just doing the Pratt family history on Ancestry so shall find out more soon... may I ask Angela who you are to the Pratt family...I do know there were 2 families of Pratt in the village but I am still investigating, regards Heidi.